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Things to Do in East Liverpool, OH


If you're a fan of history, (and if you're staying in the Sturgis House, you probably are,) you'll love touring some of the popular museums in the historic downtown area of East Liverpool. Learn about the art and culture of our lovely town.
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Things to Do in East Liverpool

There's a variety of things to enjoy and see when you come to East Liverpool. Maybe you want to go to an event at Kent State University? Maybe you want to tour the historic public library? Or maybe you just want to hop in the river water at Broadway Wharf. The choice is yours in this remote paradise.
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Many of our guests enjoy hunting for that one antique that suits their fancy. Here are a few of the most popular antique stores where you might come face-to-face with the best furnishings out there.


Support the local businesses at some of the local bookstores, sports stores, and general stores. These are some of our favorite shops in the area.